Empire Trails to Open May 20th


I’d be interested in tagging along with you guys. Maybe this weekend? If the weather cooperates.


May be in for a ride Sunday…and could do a bbq at the cottage post ride?


I’ve ridden at Gore/Empire before so I know how great it is…I think it’s been a while though.

Thanks @IanMHFX I’d love to get out there at some point. My weekends seem pretty busy for the next bit so hard to say when I could make it there, I’ll let you know though!


Might not be able to do the ride due to church commitments but could maybe do BBQ as I’m all about food .


Went for another quick rip last night- friggin’ excellent! If you’ve never been, do yourself a favour and get there for a ride, you will not regret it!

On another note- got my first tick of the season. Ugh, hate those things.


A bunch of us are riding Empire trails Sunday 10ish for anyone interested


I’m definitely up for a ride at empire.


Anyone driving up from HRM area with room for me? If not I think I’ll drive up tomorrow morning with a second spot if anyone else wants to come.


I am heading up to Gore for 7pm Wednesday night for anyone interested.


See you at 7pm Sir


Great ride last night at The Empire Trails. See you all again soon.