Evil Birch


Me too… very interesting.


tried exploring it with a bike before! This is what it’s look like on the side of lacewood and bi-hi. Whopper to old entrance ebirch. Can be acces easy by foot but hardly on 2 wheels as it’s the drain part of bayers lake.


Have biked from EB out to the Collins Road. Mostly doable on a bike but a few sections where it wasn’t really rideable.


Perhaps we could find some go-arounds for the few unrideable sections.


there’s also an old path that goes around the quarry, links up with the dam and comes out just above the original bridge. you would have to use upper parking off the bi-hi, nearer to bayers lake off ramp… might involve killing alders.


I don’t think the parking area off the bi-hi is still accessible. DOT rebuilt the highway shoulder last year which made the ditch you have to drive across quite a bit steeper and deeper.

You can still bike along the highway from bayers lake of course, but would be nice to have a safer route.


Ideally we need to move away from using the shoulder of the bi-hi as it’s very high traffic and it’s also restricted to bike use from Lower Sackville to Bayer Rd. Maybe something can be done off the shoulder now that they cut it back but I think you still end in the upper part of the quarry so we would need to find a solution to that as well.


Don’t forget it is illegal to operate a bicycle in a Wilderness Protected Area where that connection trail is located. Luckily it is not illegal to bring a bicycle with you on a walk in a wilderness protected area :wink:




the trail that goes around the quarry starts at the upper end. park at home depot, ride down to first parking area on the bi hi and bam there’s a trail. albeit it needs to be cut back…


Right what I’m talking about is trying to get off the shoulder of the bi-hi to get to it. I have used the one your talking about a few times.


the top parking is almost on the off ramp going into bayer’s lake…


@Rolls @JeffV I’ve hiked various routes around that circuit. There some bushwhacking to make it from the end of green Mile and connect up with the trails around ash lake/fox/hobsons/etc (to get to Collins rd). I wouldn’t recommend attempting it with a bike in tow. Much easier to get from Collins rd in to the lollypop at the end of evil birch. Can follow established trail all except maybe 100-200m of bushwhacking. I wouldn’t call the trails terribly rideable though.


@shadowfox70 Yes, there’s a flagged route (green paint and, I think, green flagging tape) that you can follow from lacewood just on the Bayer’s lake side of the bi-hi. It will get you in to the back of the quarry but it’s not well worn and would be mostly hike-a-bike. There only real obstacle is that creek in your photo, but it not usually hard to find an easy place to cross.


I’d be taking tips from @hcht on this one.