Fancy Dave Weagle Fork


Seems fork makers are set on trying non-telescopic forks. This one is designed by Dave Weagle so there must be something to it.

(Expensive at this point though.)


love it, looks smart from a mechanical point! Hate the price :frowning:


Carbonara Lauf Forks

They promise 0 maintenance, super light and all weather can withstand sub freezing temps.

I am pretty curious on trying this ones and there differences to this Weagle fork.


typical pinkbike; minimal on useful technical details!! i suppose it’s not Racecar Engineering but it should at least have some cool graphs to geek out on


I don’t think most understand that level of detail though.
I love Racecar Engineering, but sometimes I find they go a bit too far with some of their articles, making some relatively simple principals way too complicated, just for the shock value.


‘Shock’ value! lol


There is (or was) a particular writer for RE that goes crazy with his stuff, so much math and over the top analysis, we always sorta laughed at it, so far out there.


They keep saying it makes the fork more stable. I’m not sure I get what they mean. What is less stable about a telescoping fork?


Because the fork compressed under braking load and cornering load it steepens the rake and changes the trail making the chassis less stable.


So… the sweep of the linkage counteracts this by slackening a bit while it compresses?


Yes, the axle travels in an arc. This also means that you don’t need extra compression damping to counteract the fork dive so the front end is more responsive over low speed movements which adds more stability.


Raddest bike I’ve ever seen. And it’s black too.