Fat bikes


Thinking of finally investing in one so I can have more fun this winter.

What bike shops near hrm/valley/truro area carry them?

Anyone recommend a certain brand?


Honestly every shop has something. I have a FELD DD10 that is my only bike and other then buying a size smaller then I should have I love it! If your thinking this is going to be your winter only bike it might be worth looking used as you can tend to pick up used fat bikes for a good price. Staying fully rigid will definitely help the cost and having front suspension is nice but might not be worth the 700-1000$ price bump for what they consider a niche bike.

I have ridden a few other then my FELT and I like what specialized had to offer as well and found they road really well with minimal self steer like the FELT.


Valley stove and cycle carry specialized, Rocky mountain and we will be getting some khs in soon.

I also have my large rocky blizzard 20 (2018) for sale. Only used last winter. 1000.00.


Like Chris, I also use a fat bike as my only mountain bike, but with a 29+ wheelset for summer and a Manitou Mastodon suspension fork to save my shoulders some grief. I started out thinking fat bikes were a stupid fad; I’ve definitely been converted!

May be selling my 2016 RSD Mayor fat bike (Large frame) so I can buy the new 2019 RSD Mayor. If suspension isn’t on your list, check out Mike’s Rocky Mountain.


Damn the large frames too big for me


Moose also sell direct to consumer.