Dry enough to ride yet? I think we are getting showers tonight. Has anyone been through the longer Susie Lake loop?


We did the short lake loop on Tuesday night. It was near perfect…just a few puddles in the usual places. I’d say the full loop and farside should be the same.


Did the longer loop last night, was wet in a few spots but surprisingly not bad. Still a bit of soft snow/ice in spots.


I rode Flipside on Tuesday…The trail was great, a bit of snow towards the end, but not a big deal. The ride up from Lakeside was a slog as were the powerlines in spots on the way out.


Hey, someone said “hi” to me by name at the trail head tonight as we were going in with the dogs. J & I realized we were jerks and didn’t ask or put face/name/sm handle together.

Was it you? Know who it was? Thanks for the heads up on the wildlife. It’s always appreciated. Especially since a bear was spotted in that area (on the BLT) not too long ago!


@Sarah are you on Strava? Go to “view flyby” and it will show you who was there around the same time. Well, anyone else with Strava that is.


I am - their ride was just finishing as we were heading in so flybys didn’t catch it unfortunately.


I rode DaMinion/ Farside/ Death March and Scotch on the Rocks this morning and passed a couple riding at the trailhead. Funny, I thought I was a bit of a jerk for not stopping to chat. I also took note of all the blueberry stains on the granite during that ride. Scout wasn’t with me, far to warm for him. I also know that Stephen Pelham was planning on riding there tonight, whether he did or not, I won’t know until I ride with him tomorrow.


There was a coyote sighting on Flipside last night so keep your eyes open and ride safe


I was in there with a buddy last night. I think you’re on my flyby. We didn’t actually cross paths though.

This person went through before us and mentions someone had spotted a coyote in his ride description.


Ah, that’s likely who it was. Thanks.