Fredericton Trails


I’m heading to Fredericton for Thanksgiving. If the weather is good (it’s looking pretty good at the moment), I plan to take my bike with me.

I’ve heard a lot of good things recently about the trails in Minto. I was thinking of popping in there Saturday afternoon on my up to Fredericton. Does anyone know if Trailforks is a good resource for the trails there? Any locals here interested in guiding me around?

Sometime on Sunday I plan to ride Marysville as well. The Trailforks for Marysville looks pretty good. But again if any locals here are interested in showing me around that’d be awesome.

I’m going to post to the Fredericton MTB FB group as well. Looking forward to riding the trails up there!


I spend a few nights every month in Fredericton and ride MVP. Easy to navigate with Trailforks, plus there is some signage. There is enough in there to keep me busy for 3 nights of riding. Great trails! The FB group is super helpful too.


Minto is absolutely awesome. I have ridden MVP as well but Minto is better in my opinion. I had never been there before and only had Trail Forks to go by and had no issues at all navigating the trails. There is lots of signage and the trails are easy to follow…


I’m also seeing some good comments about the Hadley/Penniac trails as well. Looks like a decent amount of elevation on them.


Go straight to Minto. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just go. Seriously.


Took today off and headed to Fredericton early.

Wow. Am I ever glad I took the detour to ride Minto. Those are some amazing trails!


Great to hear that. Minto and Fredericton are at the top of the list for my next road trip.


It’s pretty flowy. Constantly going up and down, up and down along the banks. I’m assuming that place is an old coal mining spot or something?

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go check out the “New Zion” trails that are out there as well. Next time.