Frozen Freehubs Fatbike Fest - February 24th


Pics from yesterday. This area is usually never affected by weather nor does it get rutted normally.


Well, that’s pretty douchey.:frowning:


So who is going to do the alternative ride? I’m thinking I’ll go. Anyone else from Metro? @Chris_Dwyer-perkins @IanMHFX


Nay, coaching from 10-noon. Earliest I could get to the valley is 1:30pm, and even then it’s a bit of a stretch. Have fun!

Looking to do a ride on Sunday morning though, location TBD. Likely rail trail or road. Maybe McDonald Sports Park main trails, no singletrack.


This sucks! I was there Tuesday early morning it wasn’t like that and was solid icy ground all over but I was still being careful on where to roll on the gorge and stick to just the double tracks. I didn’t even hesitated to roll on skills cause wooden ramp where really slippery.


@IanMHFX should be hero dirt in Halifax on Sunday. Subzero temps tonight and through the day tomorrow. Hit the woods while it lasts.


Yeees hoping for frozen dirt tomorrow i’m itchin


@blu I’m with Ian. We are likely going to turn it into a cardio day and go for distance. Might even pull the studded tires off and start hitting the road more. What a shitty winter.


Shubie was good last night. I didn’t go down either, I figured too wet. Let me know about tomorrow. I did walk Spider today and it’s too wet, a longer freeze would be needed.


@Chris_Dwyer-perkins it’s awesome if you’re a roadie. Hopefully it will be an early spring and we can all stop bitching and ride.


McDonald Sports Park is in good condition on the main trails. Soft but solid, if that makes sense. Should be ideal tomorrow if nowhere else is worth riding. Hopefully Gore early morning.