Got my Mastodon back! But, piece missing?


Yay! But appears I’m missing the crown race, possibly? No idea what the spec is for the RSD Mayor. Anyone have ideas? @Jetter?


Crown race is definitely not there. Did you leave it on the fork when you sent it for service? Looks like you’ve got a new CSU and they didn’t swap the crown race over.

Looking at the Mayor on the RSD site they list the headset as a Cane Creek ZS44 (zero stack, 44mm ID) but I think that’s only partially correct. I can see the in the photos of the bike on their site that the top is a zero stack but the bottom is clearly an external cup (EC44). So it’s really a mixed ZS44/EC44 headset.

I can’t really tell from the photo, is the steer tube straight or tapered, getting larger towards the fork crown?


Bang on. Couldn’t get it off by hand, didn’t spend a lot of time trying. Figured it would come back, but figured wrong. :grin:

It is a tapered steer tube, yes. Cane Creek is correct for the headset, but I don’t know enough to know if it’s the one they say it is, or the mix you think it is. :man_shrugging:t3: Have emailed RSD asking what it is, hoping to find locally so I can get riding.


Since it’s tapered you need a Cane Creek 40mm race. Cane Creek part# is BAA0010S. Pretty much any shop can get them. I have an unused one on hand if you can’t find one locally in stock, it’s on a fork but has never been on a frame. If you want to ride this weekend you are welcome to it, just order one to replace it.

And yes, it’s a ZS44/EC44 for sure. A tapered steerer doesn’t fit a ZS44/ZS44.


Sucky! those headsets are really hard to find. hopefully yours isn’t that bad.


You’re awesome, dude! Work (and life in general) have been wicked hectic for me lately, would love to get out and ride if I can get the bike setup. Are you near downtown or Bayer Lake at all tomorrow? Could meet up with you during the afternoon.


I work in Burnside but it’s no problem to meet you tomorrow. Just let me know where/when works for you. I’ll pop the bearing race off the fork this evening. Do you have the capability to install it on your fork? It just needs to be pressed all the way on with a little bit of force. If you don’t have the appropriate tool any of the local shops should be able to install it, it’s a 30 second job to press it into place.

For reference, here’s how the crown race should be oriented (flat side down)-


Yep, that looks like the one I had. I’ll PM you!