Help with hydraulic brakes


So i want to run hydraulic brakes on a bike i’m building, but i’ve never had hydraulic brakes and have some questions. the olive won’t fit through the guides in the photo, so from what i understand, I need to cut the hose to get the olive out, get a new hose and olive (the hose might be too short if cut i think, it’s gonna be pretty close), snake it through the guides and bleed the brakes. Can anyone confirm the process for me? I’m trying to do this as cheaply as possible and it seems like the price i pay for a bleed kit, i might as well take it to a shop.


You could always just zip tie the hose to the frame and save yourself the expense and bleeding process.


I just zip tie the hose down. Nbd. Purists will rage. Meh.


Hard to tell from this angle, but is that a disk hub? it doesn’t look like it has a rotor mount on it.

and yes, zip ties, so much less hassle if you want to take it off again later to swap out to another frame.