Anyone have a recommendation for how to approach Hillsborough, what trails to ride, loops to do etc?
Doing an NB rip this weekend, HillsB one day and Minto the next.
I know Minto well, but have never been to Hillsborough.


I’d go right to the source and just post up on their facebook page.


Do you know Trevor Bourque, Paul? He knows/maintains those trails and could likely be a great guide.


I don’t think so Jeff, I’ll probably just take a chance and use trailforks to pick my way around if I make it there.


I was in there a handful of times last year.
I always parked at the Taylor Lane parking area but most locals seem to park further in on Golf Club Rd (dirt road). Both work fine and I don’t think you really save any climbing either way. I think the Golf Club Rd parking area is a bit more central for refilling water, snacks etc at the car.
The trails are mostly climb, descend, climb descend, so I always just picked one to start at and worked my way over, eventually finishing closest to the car. There is probably more efficient ways to link them all up but you can’t really go wrong. Start me Up is a new climbing trail built last year that makes it a little easier to get up.
Favourites are Stout, Viagra and Whitehead. Lots of motos and ATVs around in there but everyone seems to get along. Have fun, going to be a hot weekend!



Did you make it to Whiterock? I’ll be in Moncton this weekend, and was thinking about trying it out. I’ve never been either, so any more info to add would be appreciated!


Just a heads up, there is an XC race there on Sunday (July 8).


I didn’t make it, plan was to ride there and Minto, but they got so much rain the day before I left, I decided not to bring my bike.


I raced Minto and hillsbourgh this year. Minto is a great trail system. I only saw the race course but it was the best system I’ve seen so far. Hillsbourgh race was uppee…a lot of up. There were berms and jumps everywhere on the down section of the race but I didn’t understand how you could jump them. There didn’t seem to be a lot of thought about the position of jumps with turns. I didn’t see a lot of trails but I believe they chose the hardest way to get around the track. Viagra looked like an enduro downhill but rideable up.