Interesting trail building article


Interesting trail building article from our west coast brethren.


None of us here in NS would even be mountain biking if it wasn’t for un-permitted building. I’m glad to see the efforts of the different groups around the province to get permitted mtb trails built. I think they deserve way more support than they currently get.

Just want to throw it out there that If you ride on any of the un-permitted trails in the province then you do indeed support and agree with un-permitted trail building. You vote with your tires.


I guess I am safe, my trail building in BC all occurred before there was even any kind of permitting process in place.

Is there an actual formal process in NS now for getting permits to build a “legal” trail? I haven’t been paying much attention to this kind of stuff lately.


Nope, but maybe if you can beg and plead for 7 years to various government departments and something might happen.

…supposedly Mountain Bike Halifax is helping to develop this maybe BNS too? I don’t know… it’s pretty much radio silence form both groups about any progress in this area.


I know nothing of unpermitted trails. Never rode one, never saw one, never built one. Luckily in NS we are assaulted with a plethora of trail systems, one would never need to build something to suit their needs. That being said, i would sure as hell support them and enjoy them ;)… oh geez whered this pickaxe come from oops


Yes, everything must happen instantly in order for there to be progress. Christ.

Give the MBH team who are trying to help this community a chance to get things moving. Thousands of dollars have been raised already and more is on the way.

MBH has been incorporated for less than a year, man. FFS.


I think we would all agree on a few points:
-virtually all of the trails we ride are, or have started off as “illegitimate”.
-we are starting to get more “legit” trails in Nova Scotia that are (hopefully)protected from ever expanding development.
-this process invariably takes more time, frustration,money and bureaucratic wrangling than most of us realize or have the patience for.
-This is a long term investment for the future of our trails.
-Trailbuilding invariably takes more time, money, sweat and bad backs than most of us realize or have the patience for.
-I’m happy to give hugs/high fives/money/beer to trailbuilders and trail legitimizers.
-mountain biking is awesome.


Thanks for jumping down my throat and getting some likes for doing it FFS.




I think the first two MBH-generated trails should be called “Mancini’s Moustache Ride” and “Developers Lament” :nerd_face:


I think bents point was not so much the lack of progress from the groups. But more so how long it took for anything concrete to come in forms of groups looking to actively build legit trails. If you read his first comment he straight out said the groups deserve way more credit than they get. Yeah. The groups havent been around that long, and have done great work in their short time with all the money and volunteer hours thrown at them. I think the point was, how long did it take to get here where we now have groups doing this in a legit way. Yay bikes!


But seriously though whered this pickaxe come from


True, I may have been harsh. Sorry @bent6543. I know you’ve contributed a ton to local trail efforts and I have always enjoyed them.

But, these groups (plus MRWA, don’t forget) are the first to have stepped up and tried to work with govt to make this happen. There is an appetite for this at the municipal and provincial levels. Someone needs to lead the charge. It will only mean more and better trails for local riders. But govt shit takes time.


Just did the math, its the 25th anniversary of Wrandees and if it was still in print, the 26th or 27th year of Mountain Biking Trails of Halifax or Close to Halifax.