Irishman's Rd PSA


Hey folks,

I received word that there have been some close calls recently at Irishman’s Rd, including reports that there was a near collision between a rider and hiker around the entrance of the system.

Please remember folks that this is a shared use site and to always be on the look out for other uses so everyone can enjoy the park together! Slowing down for corners and any blind areas is key.

Also, a quick reminder that any trail or feature building at the site needs to go thought the municipality . There have also been reports of some unauthorized building at the site. It’s awesome that people want to help out and are volunteering their time but all work needs to be approved by the Municipality of West Hants first.

This is a park with multiple user groups and some unique challenges due to the terrain. I’d suggest anyone looking to do some volunteer work at the site to please contact the municipality, I’m sure they would be glad to hear from you!


Quote from Bekah Craik - West Hants Active Communities Programmer:

_“Please note that the trails at Irishmans Road are shared use and part of the land is leased by the Glooscap Heritage Archers Association. When using the trails (hiking, biking, archery, horseback riding, etc.), please be aware of other users; slow down and use caution around corners and hills to ensure safety for everyone. __

Additionally, all users MUST stay on the trail system that has been constructed. No one is permitted to create new trails or technical trail features (such as jumps) without permission and direction from the Municipality.”