Keppoch ACOA Funding for Expansion


Keppoch tweet: “For those of you that couldn’t make it - @SeanFraserMP announced we have been approved for a $275,000 ACOA grant to expand The Keppoch! #xctrails #dhtrails #bouldering #forestclassrooms

Big plans for continued work at the Keppoch

That’s fantastic!


Heard through the grapevine they had purchased a large piece of land last year that was adjacent to the existing trails. Sounds like this new money will go towards developing that land.

I believe they also have some land with lake frontage that will be opened up for post-ride dips in the lake.


Cant wait! And yes they did indeed acquire some more land last year with some work already started :smiley:


They were also selling small plots of land as well off of the larger parcel they acquired to help with funding
PRIME real estate



Did not know that… having a place near Keppoch would be amazing.


You tend to hear the mountains whispering if youre there every shuttle sunday :wink: