Keppoch groomed winter trails


Keppochs SnowDog just arrived ! Soon we will have groomed snowy trails for all fatbikers! Keep an eye on the Facebook page because I will be posting when the trail grooming begins!


Nice beast!


@IanMHFX!!! Oh man… I see some massive fun in our winter this year!! So many places have SnowDogs now :slight_smile:


Confirmed the groomed trails are for any kind of bike, not just fatbike, as well as snowshoes and xc skis too.


Awesome i was wondering about that. I run 26 x 2.5-2.7 anyways


Stoked to check it out! Just curious to know what other places are using snow dogs as well??


Victoria Park in Truro is as well. Tons of trails there!


Keppoch is planning to have roughly 13 kms of groomed trail