sweet, i am not sure yet till i can get my papers process and budget then should be go for me but as of now @tommyboy when would be the most likely deadline for the payment on that september trip and is it CA or US $? - thanks


US dollars for you, Canadian for everyone else.


pape i thought you we’re gonna pay for your long lost asian son’s trip?! i’ll promise to be good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


some inspiration, i guess this one is called “whole inchilada”?!


Yeah, I think that’s where you drop in…


It’s the Porcupine rim which is part of the Whole Enchilada. Incredible views from that spot. It is a first come first served kind of thing. I need $1000. deposit for airfare, condo deposit and van deposit Jessie. The rest I don’t need til mid July. It is looking like we will have a good sized crew this year.


Hi Guy’s
I have been on this Moab trip 3 times and it is an experience that I will remember the rest of my life! What can I say…Some of the top ranked trails. The best views you can imagine. Great home cooked meals. Hot tub social gatherings. Shuttle rides with Jesse in his vegetable oil fulled shuttle.
Rent a bike and rent a good one. You will not regret it.
And you will improve your riding skills by one year!
I know all you guy’s like mountain biking and you will have to leave this planet to find something better!
Written by: I have to go again soon.


Here’s a shot of Tommyboy at one of our favorite lookoff points. Gemini Bridges on the Mag 7 Trail System. Gotta love it!


Sweet mother that looks awesome!



Near spit my coffee out on that one, lol.


and god said let there me moab, oh and chillipepper bike shop


lola showing us how it’s done on The Whole Enchilada. This section is STEEP!


Photos just can’t do some trails justice!


Lola (@elleDEE) has an account here.


It looks steep by the stance of the riders. Especially second one.


Lots more great pics on @tommyboy and @murrdogg 's Cycle Moab site.

What could go wrong :slight_smile:


If ya look at the guy standing up above it gives some idea of how steep it is. It is a good picture but Moab isn’t just about this. During a week of riding you only hit a few things that are steep. There is alot of downhill but it is just a nice casual grade that goes on forever.


View from Burrow Pass This ride goes through and area where Westworld was filmed! All the wide scenic shots were done in Moab.