New Bike Time you say?


Went with the Rootdown. I wanted to stay with 29" wheels and the bike ticks all the boxes. I have a 140mm Pike RCT3 that I will be running on the front.

I originally wanted to upgrade to an FS bike, but with prices being so insane on new bikes, I decided to build a nice HT instead.


I’m a fan of the Specialized suspension. Would love to replace my '07 Stumpjumper with a longer-travel 27.5 Stumpjumper or Enduro, but it’ll be a couple of years before I save enough. In the meantime, my current Stumpie will do, unless it dies.

Not sure if Stumpjumper or Enduro would suit me better. My riding is mostly technical trail, and I don’t do big jumps, but I’m heavy and hard on gear, so maybe an Enduro would hold up better.


I would say stumpy. I’ve ridden a current year stumpy and it would be more than enough for my riding which is pretty similar to yours. It was more than enough bike.


I’ve always liked the stumpjumpers too.


I have a new bike on the way. I wasn’t going to get a new bike, but I had a moment of weekness or clarity, depending on how you look at it. I should have it in a week or so.

Here it is:

Stumpy 6fattie




fatty fat fat

The spec on that bike looks great for the money too. Shimano brakes, 1x11 sram gearing, dropper post, 34mm version of the newer fox FIT damper.



Yeah, that is sweet… enjoy!!


It’s the spec that sold me. That, and I am eager to try the plus size tires. An honest review will follow!


Finally finished this thing up. I’ve only ridden it around the block, but it feels great. Just need to decide on a dropper over the winter.


Oh baby that thing is sweet. Chromag is awesome!!


Very nice!


Yes, that is sweet indeed!


Very sweet.

My Chromag Samurai arrives today. :smile:


She just showed up! Can’t wait to build this baby.


Nice burly bike with that Lyric up front!




Nice. I wanna build me a hard tail, now.


You filthy bastard! Thats gorgeous.


Nice grab. I saw that frame/fork combo for sale on pinkbike.
From the looks of the bracing between the top tube and seat tube, the frame is an early model Samural, probably from around 2007 or before. Most likely built in British Columbia. Sweet!