New Bike Time you say?


Yup–that’s the one. Couldn’t pass it up. Just finished building her, and even from just a quick rip around the block, it feels wonderful. Fits me perfectly. This one was hand welded in BC by Mike Truelove. I’ve got a small issue with my rear hub, but as soon as that’s sorted, I’m heading into the woods!


Looks great!


keep an eye on that stem if it’s a raceface turbine. i snapped the faceplate on mine, properly torqued and everything. it started creaking like mad about 8 months after i bought it, and looking to see what i needed to grease, i found three of the four sides between the bolts had hairline fractures all the way through…

nice rig you have there, though. if i could do it all over again, i’d get a chromag surface. can’t go wrong with handbuilt steel bicycles.


thanks for the tip.
Bar and stem are both Turbine 35mm