Nine Mile River Trail Meeting


Next meeting is Monday May 28 at 7pm at the Lower Nine Mile River Community Centre.


Will be there. BTW, Just took a rip through yesterday for the first time in a long time. Lots of work was done to clean up deadfall, some drainage mitigation and label the bridges. Only had to get off the bike twice after riding all of the trails. Looking forward to helping out.


Anyone else planning to be there tonight? I’m on the fence, depending on how work goes.


@CyclingGirl and I are planning to go. We may bring bikes and if the weather cooperates, take a ride in the trail afterward.


I’m on daddy duty and can’t make this meeting unfortunately


No car… maybe I’ll make it to a trail maintenance day.


How did the meeting go?


Promising. There was a delay getting paperwork transferred to the new executive, holding things up, but that has been resolved. We talked signage to keep horses off the trail (boardwalk damage may be a result of horses on the trail, and they weren’t designed to support the weight of a horse - for that matter, they weren’t designed for bikes either).

A trail inventory is being prepared - a list of bridges, features, assets, etc. All the bridges have been labelled to identify them. We’re free to organize work days.

@CyclingGirl and I rode the trail a week ago, and made a list of issues to work on. Hoping to organize a work day soon.


I couldn’t make the meeting, thanks for the update!


Minutes from the last meeting are here: