NZ Visitor


I have a friend (Natalie) visiting from New Zealand for a couple weeks and would love to find someone willing to show her fight trail if possible on her visit. She’s not bringing a bike for her short trip however but keen to rent or use someone’s spare if possible?
I’m heading back late October and keen to join you guys on some more rides then.


HI, @Matt1 .

When’s she visiting? I have some spare bikes I can loan, but it would depend on how tall and aggressive a rider she is.

My old Raleigh Serengetti hardtail would fit a small to medium size rider, but probably wouldn’t be any fun on Fight. My Giant hardtail would be ok for Fight, but is a large size frame. My old medium size Stumpjumper would work for Fight, but might not survive an aggressive rider.


I’m no expert on McFight, but happy to share what I know and help visitors get around. No bikes to lend, however, sorry.


She arrives this weekend. She is quite tall and rides a large frame here so the giant may be a good fit. She has a Giant Trance in NZ but is not a super aggressive rider or anything.
Thanks for the help


I’m always up for showing folks around Fight. And of course she’s always welcome to join our Tuesday night group rides, locations TBD.


Thanks Derek, I messaged you over my NZ mobile as well but don’t think it made it to you. Would love for you to show her around Fight as you did when I first got there. Sounds like I may be able to get her a bike. How dark are your Tuesday rides getting, she won’t have lights or anything so wasn’t sure if that would work


Hey Matt, your message didn’t land on this end, sorry. Yeah lights are needed on our Tuesday night rides for sure, but one of us usually has a spare handy.