Price drop! For sale: brand new TLD gloves


Mens size medium
Got em for my wife but her riding style doesn’t quite call for it. Brand new, never used. Comes in original packaging


$20 takes em


What model are they? Just need to check out sizing. Some mediums are too small and some fit perfectly


Not sure sorry, packing just says “Racing glove” from what i recall (can be seen slightly in the pic) im at work and can’t take a closer look at the moment


I wear size L fox/ XL giro, and these are just a tad too small for me, if that helps any


Yeah I wear large in fox too so thanks but i guess I have to pass. Too bad. A good deal on a good brand of gloves


Tell all ye small handed friends, men and women alike, these gloves do not discriminate :wink:


Indeed! Was planning on my wife wearing them but i can’t get her off crusher dust so someone might as well use em as intended


I wouldn’t mind taking a look at them for a friend of mine, maybe on the weekend sometime. I pretty much always wear large, otherwise I’d grab them for myself.


No man is ever going to admit to having small “hands” :wink:


Sounds good give me a shout anytime depending on weather and time constraints could throw a ride in too (mayswell)


Still available! $20 brand new TLD’s! almost makes you want to squeeze your hand in til it fits


Anybody wanna buy these? Make an offer, cash or trade