Rare sighting in a kids bike for sale


If anyone is looking for a 24" bike for your little shredder this one looks sweet.

I would have lost my mind and driven to Fred’town for this last year about this time haha.


(I have no affiliation… just seen the bike while scrolling)


Its also posted on halifax kijiji as located in hali


Ooo might have to buy that.

Thanks @JeffV


The Stinky 2-4 is a great platform for upgrades too- the stock cranks/fork/shock are all heavy. Great for gravity assisted stuff but for the typical trail riding we have around here it’s a lot of weight to pedal around and climb with. I was able to drop quite a few pounds off my son’s Stinky 2-4.

-Air fork/shock to replace the original coil fork/shock
-hydraulic brakes to replace the cable disc brakes
-shorter cranks with external bearing BB (the original Howitzer BB weighed a ton)
-wheels are ones I built up with lighter rims, trail tires set up tubeless to replace the heavy ass DH tires


I just had a look, and it’s in great shape. Unfortunately as @gtrguy said, it weighs a ton. There’s no way my little guy could pedal this around here, and I won’t be able to upgrade everything to lighten the load.


Yeah, I was lucky enough to have lots of parts in my spares bin to upgrade it with. Sadly this is going to be the last season he can ride it, the boy won’t stop growing!


Well then @gtrguy , let me know when you decide to part with it!


Will do!