Ride from my door - will it be possible?


Fantastic, I can almost see my street on that map too.

Looks like I should be able to cut under the 102 to get there too


From the sounds of it, you must be in Fall River Village. When I get a chance I’ll post a map with a few easy ways to access MacDonald Sports Park from there.


Here’s our typical Tuesday night route for Mac Sport Park:

This is mostly double track. We consider it a good ride for wet days and it’s beginner friendly so we put it in the rotation.

Other rides are more technical but a social pace. Tuesday nights tend to be shorter than anything we would do on a weekend too.


Nice - thanks

I’m good technically, just rusty!

I’ve followed you on strava so I can stalk your haunts better.


Can you cut through from there? Looks easiest in my head - it’s that or follow Fall River Road out West to Windsor Junction


@jetter would know better but looks good to me!


There is a path at the end of Lake Thomas Crescent. It starts on the edge of the gravel driveway at the end of the road, it may be difficult to find your first time. Once you find the path, it is quite rugged and technical but it is fairly short and mostly bikable.

Once you are thru the path, you will come out next to the highway and the lake. There is a bridge that will take you under the highway and put you on a gravel path. You will now be in MacDonald Park.


Busted out a quick paint edit.

Possible ways to get into McDonald Sports Park other than thru the main entrance are marked with a red star. The dashed blue line on the other side of the highway is a grown in path that I wouldn’t suggest taking.


Thanks Jetter. Very kind