Ride Thursday evening


Thinking about heading to the Fight Trail for 6pm tonight. Anyone up for it?

With all the granite it should be the best place to ride. No trees to worry about falling on your head either.

No need to dress warmly the temperature is +11. As always though, lights are recommended for riding in the dark.

So far it is only me but it would be nice to have someone to ride with. Let me know!




Anyone have a big kite I could borrow?..want to attach it to my bike


I was thinking of it too @muddy, too bad I got my daughters schedule tonight.
We need live ECMTB storm chasers.Lol


I’m tempted, but I just drove through spryfield on my way home and the wind is pretty strong. I think you would probably have a tough time staying upright with some of the gusts.

Are you still considering it @muddy ?


@muddy is likely trying to bike home from Cape Breton, or wherever the storm winds deposited him last night. :wink:


I must admit. Sadly, I wimped out. I hang my head in shame



No shame, you probably would have ended up in Oz!