Roadmtb bike!


To all secret roadies out here what ya think?

Niner mtbroad bike


If the roads get any worse up my way I might need this :joy:


Going back into retrogrouch mode for a sec here but it seems like a few years ago the bike industry got to the point where it could make any variation of a bike it wanted whether it was necessary or not. Heck, my first Kona catalog had 8 bikes in its lineup and two were hybrids. Meh, if I were rich I’d probably own one of every bike out there, but for the time being I will have to settle for a single 29er hardtail.


Not much for full sus?


The merging of road and xc mountain bikes.
Seems like a lot of people want to get of those crazy roads and onto safers trails but in confort. Don’t need much suspension for gravel trails.


I was on a budget and wanted something that had less moving parts to wear out. Best bang for the buck was my mission.


I do agree on less moving parts more watt power too. But hey what’s N+1 are for? And it’s 2019 there’s still no flying bikes. Lol

this setup for me is just perfect for any terrain given our topographic setup and roads here, all rounder bike. I do wonder if it’s race valid.?

Though A Full sus fatbike + lockout + road drivetrains + drop/aero bars is my dream franchise. :sweat_smile:


I definitely see a use for this on the rougher gravel roads or even the older less maintained pavement like the ‘before’ version of the Beaverbank Road. Not in my budget though. Even my road bike and CX/gravel bike are the same, just with two different wheel sets. If I was going to add the next bikes to the fleet it would be fat or XC. Not this. Maybe bike number six or seven would be this.