Sandy Lake Park


I just noticed a few new segments in Trailforks further to the east of The Range, in Sandy Lake Park, including a black and a few blues. Anyone know if these are being used, and if so, what kind of trails are they?


Not familiar with those but there used to be some stuff between there and south of Jack Lake in that area. Been years since I’ve checked those out though.


I haven’t ridden in there this year, but did a couple times over the previous few years. They’re alright if you happen to be nearby, but not something I’d go too far out of my way to ride. Not overly difficult, but very rooty.


I’ve walked/hiked in there quite a few times, and often thought about going for a bike ride in there, but honestly it wouldn’t be that great. There are many other proper biking trails I would rather spend my time on, unless you just want to ride there so you can say you did.


I ride in there a lot as I live very close and can ride there in 5 minutes.
Its actually quite good once you figure out how it all flows.
I have a route that provides about 20k of single track once I link it with the range stuff, the dirt bikes have taken the sting of out a lot of the real rooty sections, and they have made some new trail lately that is actually quite good. The black labeled trail is not truly black, its rooty but not difficult.


Maybe time for a revisit after the many many years of type 2 fun we used to have back there in the Jacks Lake days. Used to be frequent racing there once upon a time too. I have no pics of the old single track back there. Just this from one of the early camera phones:

Julie resting at the top


I might be interested in going for a ride with you some time as I live on Rocky Lake Dr and wouldn’t mind having some closer trails to enjoy. I’ve been in there twice before but never really understood the system and the best way to ride it.


Sure, I’ll likely go in some evening this week.


I was in there on Tuesday, really rooty and I couldn’t find any real flow to it, but hey, any day on the bike is better than a day inside !


Haven’t been in there in years. I should go take a look again.