Say Hi!




Hello I’m Diego


Stop working and get biking :smile:


Relatively new here. Just got my first full suspension about a month ago. Test driving a bunch of the trails recently. HI!


Welcome aboard!

Good place to play with a new bike too.


I was just riding there tonight. Conditions are really nice right now!


Since I’ve just joined, I thought I’d say ‘Hi’ as well.

I’m not in NS yet (not even in Canada) but I hope to be emigrating there before the year is out.

I’m glad I’ve found this forum, I was getting seriously worried my MTB’s wouldn’t get much use out there!


Welcome! Hit us up when you land. From where are you coming?


South of England - I live just off the South Downs and am used to riding straight out my door, I’m hoping I’ll be able to do the same when I get there.

By the time my bikes arrive & I’ve bought a house I imagine it’ll be spring (or late winter!)


Anytime, you are welcome to join a ride. Our Tuesday weekly rides are fun all year.

Note, fall gets us into headlamps and winter gets us into ice tires or fat bikes.


Excellent, I’ve had a fat bike for 3yrs, and it’s not seen snow yet.

Good to hear about the night riding, though it looks way more remote than I’m used to, so I’ll have to ride with others without a doubt!


I’ll be happy to show you the trails in the valley. Nova Scotia has a lot to offer in terms of riding!


[quote=“JeffV, post:30, topic:4868, full:true”]winter gets us into ice tires or fat bikes.

@JeffV suggesting using a fatbike…ok, who hacked his account?

Try the kool-aid Jeff :wink:


Lol, I was trying to be diplomatic.


Dont think Ive been on here in some time, MTB and Road is what I ride. I am a general Meat Head, I say crass things, and speak my mind quite easily. I work at Sportwheels for the past 6 years (seems longer). I am sure I have met many of you at some time or another. Thats me, see ya out there.


Welcome, friend. Crass language is a staple in my circles.