Say what? Canada Cup


So there is a Canada Cup race in Kentville Sunday August 5th. Some of the top MTBers in Canada will be racing. These athletes are world class. It is going to be a show. If you are an MTBer in this province you need to show up and show your support. Go into your basement and find your cowbell, clacker or vuvuzela and get your arse out there.
Bring your bike too cause the next thing I am going to say is going to hurt…
There is racing on the Saturday as well for all the regular categories that you would have in a provincial point series. There are a few of us that are coming out of retirement for these races. Because of a lack of support. We need more people to sign up to race.
You and 2 of your friends you ride with have to sign up and race each other if you don"t think you can win the title.
I was talking with some people in the know and found out that 45 people had signed up for the race. Only 3 from this province!!! That means people are coming from across Canada to race here.
1 from California and even one from Japan. 3 from this province!!! This may be our only chance to impress upon the powers that be in Canadian cycling that we deserve this race.
So if you think you can whoop Tommyboys arse, get your arse out there.
Please and Thank you


I’m not a racer, never raced before but that I can do!


Well folks, we out and out rocked the Gorge on the weekend. Awesome to see so many people out to cheer on the talented riders. The stadium section of the course had a couple of hundred screaming, clacking and cowbelling fans cheering on there home town favorites. Didn’t hear a single vuvuzela though, thank the mountain bike gods for that one!!! The powers that be in Canadian cycling were very impressed with how well the course held up after torrential downpours on Saturday night.
Can’t wait til next year…