Seth's Bike Hacks Video on Trail Advocacy


Another great video by Seth. This one is about convincing municipalities to build trails using Bentonville, AK as an example.


The trails look so f’kin sweet too.


I think those are the Oz trails that @spelham was at a couple years ago.


I love the message Seth is bringing forth here. However I’m not sure Bentonville is the greatest example of a realistic success story. As mentioned they’re rolling deep in Walmart money. My understanding is that a couple of the younger Walmart heirs are big into mountain biking and they’ve donated something to the tune of over 13 million into the trails (the cynic in me wonders about tax write-offs as well). Fantastic for local builders and riders though, and this is def a place I’d like to check out.
For a better “if you build it they will come” mtb tourism Cinderella story Burke/kingdom trails Vermont seems like a better example IMHO


I would love to see HRM build an indoor skate park with foam pits. This would really help riders take their riding to the next level, as safely as possible. Lots of bigger cities have these and they also rent bikes/body armour for anyone that doesn’t have the proper equipment.



I think an indoor mtb park like Rays in Cleveland would be the bees knees