Specialized Fatboy - SOLD


Don’t really want to sell it, but it’s really bothering my knees, every time I ride it, it gets me.
It’s a fatboy trail, Med, stock other than a 200mm front brake I put on.
Comes with a set of snowshoe 4.5’s (on it now) and a set of 4.6 ground controls, studded, and tubeless.

I bought it fall 2017, paid $1500, I’d like to get that out of it with both sets of tires.


Have you tried an oval chain ring? I only say that because it was a common topic that kept coming up when I was looking into getting one. A lot of people claimed they helped with that and they can be found for about 70$.

I wish I could say I have been able to try one first hand but I’m still waiting for mine to come in. Anyways, just food for thought.


Any idea what’s causing the knee pain? How does the geometry compare to your other ride(s) that don’t cause you knee pain? Any adjustments that might help? It looks like you’re running your saddle pretty far back. You’re running clip-in pedals, so I’m assuming you’re using the same shoe/pedal combo for your other bike(s). If not, cleat adjustment? You’re running a lot of seatpost - bike too small? Have you tried getting your LBS to check the fit, and adjust?


Most likely crank spacing/bb width. The BB on a fat bike is much wider than a normal mountain bike in order to fit the wide tires and it seems to cause a fair bit of people knee pain.


Yeah its the BB width, after some research, seems its not uncommon.
This bike and my Camber are setup the same.


Oh, OK. I can see how that could be a problem. I borrowed a fatbike for an extended test ride this winter, and noticed the extra width. I didn’t have knee pain, but it felt really weird and took some getting used to.


I can relate. Since moving exclusively to a fat bike I am getting hip join pain more often. Did some small cleat adjustments to the side with pain and it did help a bit thought.


I’m considering selling my Fatboy for similar reasons, gives me sore IT bands and occasional knee pain. Tried flat pedals, spd, and various seat positions. I blame the wide BB. Not sure I’m ready to part with it yet as I just love riding it when conditions are right.


I like mine too and don’t really want to sell it, but I don’t know what else to do, if I go out and do a hard ride on it, my knees, especially the left one, get quite bad.

@Chris_Dwyer-perkins I get a bit of hip pain as well, funny, I thought this winter that age was just starting to catch up to me all of a sudden, but its just this bike, all my troubles started when I got it last fall.


Yea. its a shame too because they are so much fun but they don’t work for everyones body sadly. It might be worth still taking it in for a proper fit check if you haven’t done that and maybe talk to a physician. Maybe it’s something that could be corrected by some targeted exercises? Talking to my physician is something I plan to do. I’m a bit more invested in this bike though as I sold all my other bikes to upgrade to one nice fatty.

Like last time all food for thought.


Are there any fat bikes with a smaller Q-factor? I do notice it, but it’s not causing any issues presently.

Perhaps a plus bike would be better, Paul? Not quite as useful in deep snow, but probably very good.


Maybe some but none will be even close to as small a q-factor as even a plus bike from what I can tell. The chain stays are in the way.


I’m using frame size larger on me! I’m just enduring the pain! :laughing:I do compensate it with squat exercises and stretches before and after fat riding. Best to have it check with physio!


I"ll definitely consider a 27.5+ bike if the fatboy sells, be a good all-rounder.


My Stumpjumper 6-Fattie (27.5+) uses “Boost” spacing (148mm?), and is a little wider than my old Stumpie (135mm?), but not as wide as a fatbike (190mm?). Now that I think about it, my knees might be feeling the extra width a little. My heels definitely do. I think I’ve always ridden with my heels in. I’m having to get used to riding keeping my feet straight.


I had/am doing the same thing. I need to think about keeping the straight.


My Commencal has very wide stays, so keeping my heels straight is something I had to learn for that bike, so I don’t notice it as much on the fatty. I do notice the width getting through some narrow rocks and trees though. Hard to get through without outer pedal strikes on the fatty.


:drooling_face: at this! Full Stache coming soon!


I’d consider a trade on a race oriented hardtail, 27.5/29er, potentially with cash on my end.


Rocky Mountain makes the Suzi Q which has a 4" tire and narrower BB. Comes in Carbon as well for a really nice light bike.

Try a semi fat. I love mine. Seems to be the best set up for me as the BB is wider but now excessive and still has the boost with the increased compliance due to the tire width.