Stolen Bike


Yup it doesn’t have any damage at all.

No still waiting on police to get back in touch to give them all the information.

I’m going out and purchasing an outdoor security camera for my house. Tired of these thieves…

Any suggestions… Arlo cameras at bestbuy seem decent


I’ve got the Netgear Arlo at home

It does night vision and works nice on my phone


What about a good lock and a motion sensor alarm?


Locks, cameras, and motion sensors are great. It may be worth while to get a GPS tracker that you can plant in the bike itself.


You can probably hide a transponder in your tubing somewhere, but part of me wonders if the metal interference would kill the signal, and you would have to place it handy for accessing to recharge a battery fairly often. Maybe behind a bar end cap? Might need a carbon bar set? Even then, I suspect I would be complacent and fail to keep it charged after a period of time. Definitely a great ideal in principle, but hard to practice it. I much rather keep my own bike, but our home owners insurance will replace up to 4k per bike.


Yeah I might try one… only draw back I see is the temperature range for which its good for (0C to +). Is yours wireless too? How does it work in cold weather?


It was all fine in minus 17 (I’ve only been here this winter just gone)

Totally wireless, but I put new batteries in them in January and there’s still 1/2 the life left in them. One of the camera’s is right at the extreme limit of range, but it’s all good.