Stolen Bike


Stolen Bike!
Norco Range - Orange size medium
Was taken from my garage August 2 in Crichton Park Dartmouth. Would appreciate if anyone has any information to reach out. My contact info is or 902 403 5561


The Bike Pedaler has been known to recover the odd stolen bike that’s been brought into their shop. Might want to check in with them too.


Brutal! If you’re the original owner, some bike shops keep the serial numbers of the bikes they sell on file. Always good to have that handy.


It is very important to report this to the police and get an incident report number. Call around and give that number to shops so that there is an official recourse.

If you don’t do this it is not officially stolen and there is little the police or any business can do to help recover your bike.

If person tries to sell a bike that matches your description, the police can not confiscate it to return to you without a report and the serial number as this is the only truly unique identifier and the way police can definitively determine that the bike is yours.


Yes the first thing I did was call and report this stolen to the police and obtain a file # . Thanks for your advice and input.


Yes I have the original paper work and a pic of the serial number.


@Tjmsmith122 suspiciously cheap Norco Range on kijiji.


Yes that’s it… there’s a specific part I installed that I can see on the bike… apparently it already sold… I’ve reposted my stolen ad with that screenshot…


@Tjmsmith122 the seller’s name was “Lulu” (member since April 2017). I can’t find the link to their other ads now but they had 5 other ads…selling jewellery and clothes, looking for work and looking for a free washer, if that helps you or the police track them down via Kijiji.

Also the seller had their location services turned on…their postal code is in the screenshot.


I hope someone catches this “lulu” and breaks their hands.


Part of me is wondering if its a fake postal code, but if they were stupid enough to try selling the bike this soon after stealing it (and in the same city), I wouldnt be surprised if it was the true postal code. If the Google is correct, then b2y3k7 narrows it down to 9 houses on Centre Street by Penhorn Lake. I used to live 2 streets over on Glenwood a couple years back. It doesnt surprise me that someone from this hood would steal from another person. The street between those two (Regent) was definitely filled with sketchy characters. I am not suggesting vigilante action here for official statement purposes, but its feasible to narrow down the suspect… at the very least, maybe the police can search their databases for known criminals on that street if Lulu has a record?


Hope you get it back. I seen it after Rolls post that kijiji ad, and thought wtf way so cheap. Hope they get the guy


Update to all following this thread, the bike was recovered today. Glad to have it back under lock and key! Thanks to all for sharing.




Great news. I hope it is in good shape.


Congrats! Would love to hear some details as to how you got it back if you care to share them. As someone who’s had a couple bikes stolen over the years I’ve been following this thread with ++ interest


People who sell stolen shit need to find something other than kijiji


People who sell stolen shit aren’t bright enough to know where else to fence it.


And for that we can all be thankful. :grin:


We don’t know if the original thief has been caught yet. Do we?

He could be out spending the $400 on airfare for his father right now.