Thursday Night Fight


Thursday Night Fight

**Where: Spar Trail Entrance of McIntosh Run Watershed Trail System-Fight Trail
**When: Thursday November 9th at 6:30pm
**Difficulty: Intermediate. We will stick to the Attic, Osprey and Lou’s Basement Trails

**Notes: Lights Required.

  • Going, see you there!
  • Wish I could, maybe next time.
  • Maybe, I’ll let you know.

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This is not an official ECMTB ride.


Looks like the “Coasters” will be riding tonight!


Sounds good. I haven’t been in there yet this year. Looking forward to it!


Thoughts on the upgrades from someone who hasn’t been in there all year? Curious to hear what you think.


Not at all what I was expecting. Amazing how much flow there is now. I expect it will be getting much more use if this quality of building continues as it suits a broader skill level.


I love the flow, but think a few sections were made a little too easy with the upgrades. :thinking: Still a ton of fun, and myself and others are certainly making more use of these trails now.


There are some sections that have lost their challenge unfortunately. There will be a new Black Diamond trail built in a couple of years so stay tuned!


Front porch should be easy, out back advanced. That way beginners can get on the trails and advanced riders can warm up before the tech hits them.


Is Front Porch going to be a new trail name? For in with the house theme: Attic, Basement, Porch… Maybe rename a Secret Loop to Backyard!


No, no. But might be an idea.

The trail building plans I’ve seen usually have stacked loops called front porch and back yard or something like that. The further in you go the loops get harder.


I might have got the front porch, back porch terms from early MRWA presentations.


There’s eve some furniture in the house…a nice recliner with end table.


I like the concept, for sure. One of the reasons I didn’t visit Fight more often is because there was no time to warm up. That might be part of why that early boardwalk has claimed so many victims.


I think so too. Not expecting the gnar so soon.


The Fight Club movie theme spawned the names Fight Trail, Back Door, Lou’s Basement, and the Attic came after. There is an Osprey nest on the way down Osprey Trail and there are usually two flying about. Divide is under construction and is so named because it is on the ridge that divides the Williams Lake and McIntosh Run watersheds.


Regardless of what trails get named, I suspect the building crew are learning some interesting techniques in this process. “Trail Building on Granite” would be an interesting chapter for trail building.