Tour de Parque - Mt. Edward Monday night


Have had other things going on, so I haven’t done a Bike Park ride in a while. Going to try to do a park ride on Monday nights, touring different parks around HRM. Going to do Mount Edward this Monday. Haven’t been there since last year. There are three jump lines, beginner, medium and expert. And a nice small pump track.

Location: Mount Edward Bike Park, at the Harold Conrad Ball Fields, Mount Edward Road, Dartmouth
When: Monday, June 11, 7:00PM-ish
Difficulty: Easy-Hard

  • Going, see you there!
  • Wish I could, maybe next time.
  • Maybe, I’ll let you know.

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This is not an official ECMTB ride.


I used to live over there and had no idea there was a bike park there; cool! If you think you’ll be there past 8:00, then I’ll stop by.


Might be a bit late. I should be there by 7:30.


I think I’ll probably be there until 8:30.


Cool. Track practice should be a short one tonight since most of our athletes are resting up from weekend races, so I’ll try to pop over and get a few runs in with you. :slight_smile:


Good time at Mt. Edward. Pump track is worn down quite a bit. The humps are shrunk, so it’s pretty difficult to pump all the way around. The jumps could use some work too. They were quite rutted. @RealC and I filled in a couple of ruts, but the jumps could use more work.



Good stuff!


New profile picture! Thanks to @Andre.


“Always do what you are afraid to do.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1841.

I’m not a jumper, and jumping on my nice and stable snow bike (designed to keep the wheels firmly on the ground) definitely scared me, but what a fun time regardless! Thanks for hosting, @Rockhopper