Trail Dogs For Adoption


I have been given the profiles of a few dogs looking for active retirements from being professional sprint racing sled dogs. They are all pointer/husky mixes looking for runners or mountain bikers to call their new people. If anyone is interested in a dog now or in the future I almost always have a profile looking for a human runner or mountain biker to call their family.

Some dogs would be appropriate (and eager) for canicross or bikejoring still, some would prefer to no longer pull and simply run with you at your preferred pace. If anyone is interested shoot me a note. They’re great athletes that would be awesome trail dogs.


If I didn’t rent…I’d so be interested.


This is pretty much an open ended post so if circumstances change we can chat in the future. There are always more dogs retiring from racing careers. :slight_smile:


Agreed! I’d love to have a dog to bring on rides.


We can talk about it any time :wink:


Living situation is the problem right now. When I’m in a place where I could actually have a dog I’m sure I’ll be in touch.