Trail work Sunday afternoon Mac-Fight


Thinking about going out Sunday afternoon at 2pm to do some more trail work on the schnitzel after the rain.


I’ll be there, if its too wet to ride anywhere.


I hope to be there too. We should make this an event.


Sure :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m a maybe at this point, hoping I’ll be able to make it


I’m a maybe too.


Thanks all for your help today, nice piece of work done. Special thanks to rolls for the beverage :beers:


For record keeping…

@darkmyth Shawn Skelhorn
@JeffV Jeff Vienneau
@Jetter Jamison Etter
@Rolls Derek Rolls
@TravisA Travis Amour
@PascalOsti Pascal Osti
@tommyboy Tom Kavinaugh
@Rockhopper Eric Sullivan


Wow, great turnout! Thank you.


Thanks everyone! I’m looking forward to checking out the progress!

thx for the record keeping too, @JeffV and @darkmyth, for both sessions.


ps. I believe it should be “McFight” :wink: