Trailflow - Adult Intermediate / Advanced Clinic




@CyclingGirl and I are going. Anyone else here?


I think we have about a dozen in the program. Fun will be had!


Yes, a bunch of us are. @rolls, @Jetter, @adventurer off the top of my head.


Would love to go, but it conflicts with the kayaking course I’m taking. :frowning:


Thanks @Pepperjester and Kyle, that was most excellent!


Thanks Mr. Rolls!

Every one did great and also big thanks to West Hants for helping make the event and trails happen!


My dude had a blast again at the youth clinic at McDonald Sports Park today. Apparently @Pepperjester did some sort of log hop that’s elevated him to Danny MacAskill status in his eyes!


Yes! Thanks to @Pepperjester and Kyle. Great tips and good times! I feel super pleased with that drop on the bench cut. Need to work on manualling to get the front wheel up.


haha, thats awesome. Must have been the power poles I was goofing around on. Next time I’ll have to make sure to bring my real trials bike and see if I can manage to keep up with the new high expectations!


Thanks to our very knowledgeable instructors we had a grand time and learned a lot. Thanks!