TrailForks Data & Mahone Bay


Does anyone know why the TrailForks data for Mahone Bay area is completely empty? There are plenty of trails up there, seems odd that it would be blank. I assume this must be a deliberate move, but if so, why?


They’re not legal/unsanctioned/“rogue” or are on private land or both and the builders don’t want them to be plastered all over the internet for every Dick and Jane to see. Just my first guess. Best to ask the builders themselves though.


If I knew who the builders were, I would. :wink: If I didn’t get anything concrete from here, my next plan was to pop in to Sweet Ride the next time I’m in Mahone Bay and ask them. Sweet Ride have hosted rides on those trails, so I can’t imagine they’re too private; but what do I know?


Strava heatmap. Just sayin.


@IanMHFX won’t get on Strava! What a jurk lol.


You don’t need a Strava account to view the heat map.


#NoStrava :grin: