Trenton Park



Skill Level: Beginner

Location: Trenton, NS

Trail Head::???

Trail Forks: Trenton Park

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Does anyone know what the surface is on of the trails shown on this map? I can’t find any mention of it anywhere.


@chiz, maybe you know.


According to this map it looks like its just unpaved road. It can’t be too loose if it’s part of the trans canada trail.




They are mostly fire road like trails + some blue gravel trails ( TCT ).

Here is a picture of part of the founders trail ( now part of the TCT ) earlier in the year:


Trails shown are mostly fire road…However there are actually some newer single track trails off of the groomed paths that present a pretty good workout. Fairly rooty and technical, they are better to hit when it is not raining. Not a heck of a lot of climbing as compared to a Fitz Mt ride, but fun none the less. The Park received a bunch of $$$ for upgrade this year and are making some progress. Hoping for more single trail stuff since it is fairly close to home for me.