Valée Bras du Nord



BKXC just happened to be there recently too. As he says, it’s really this amazing!


Can’t wait for the videos!:laughing: @JeffV


I sneezed and the chip blew away, @shadowfox70. Oops.


Awesome trails with incredible scenery. Almost too nice as you want to keep stopping and take pictures. It’s well worth the drive up there, and there’s lots of other great trails around there too.

Neilson East and Neilson Nord close at certain times of the year for hunting, something to keep in mind.


I have unfinished business in there. Rode almost eveything except Neilson when I was there last year or whenever it was. After I was home everybody says it was the trail to not miss. Damn. Maybe I’ll go back in October.


Pretty cool to watch it after riding those trails. He even stayed at the Roquemont too. Neat.


It’s one of those trails you just don’t want to end. It’s that good. Perfect mix of fast flowy singletrack, rock work, bridges, and amazing scenery.


If there’s a time when I get up there, I’d like to visit this pump track, which I think is near Quebec City.