Want To Buy Two Fat Bikes


My buddy and I are both buying fat bikes in time for the upcoming season. We want to have these in place by the end of October.

We each have a maximum of $2000 to spend (including tax). For this we MUST have

1 x 10
190mm rear spacing
4.5" - 5" tires
Preferably set up tubeless
Thru axles
SPD Clipless Pedals

Since we both ride together a fair bit it would be good if both bikes are not the same color. We would both generally fit a size medium.

We are buying two bikes and will pay cash (At least I will. Can’t speak for my buddy but I suspect he is cash also).

Come at me with what you got. Looking to use our purchasing power of 2 to get a good deal :slight_smile:


I have some rentals at the shop I’m willing to move as well as one with front suspension. I will email you with some prices and specs.


Hit me up, I have a medium Rocky Mountain Blizzard -50 for sale. Flat pedals (not SPD), not currently tubeless but I can possibly help get it setup.


I am looking for a fat bike as well if anyone knows of one, I am not too fussy, other than 4.5-5" tire.


I have had a couple of contacts for used so there should be some around. Ian’s is a nice ride but we are committed to buying together so new is likely the way we will go


Don’t forget studded tires. Here on the Rock it gets really icy and ice is hard when you fall on it.
SPD may jam up with snow and ice . . . it did for the one time I used it anyway :slight_smile:

The Norco Bigfoot 2 is $1k . . . not bad for an entry level.



I haven’t heard from any LBS yet. What do you have to offer? Looking to buy soon


I still have my Rocky Mountain Blizzard -50 for sale, @muddy. You’ll not find a better deal at a bike shop! :wink:


Check with Canary Cycles in St. John’s. They have an abundance of fatties and may be willing to ship.