What bike for..... Nova Scotia



Looking likely that I’ll receive my job offer today to arrive in NS - it’s very exciting.

Assuming a few months to mobilise myself out there, and sending all my bikes in a container until I’ve bought a house… I’m likely to only have one bike to have in temporary accommodation.

So a bit of a humble brag warning… I have a few bikes… So what would suit the majority of the riding in November / December time?

XC Race Bike?
Fat Bike?
FS Trail Bike?
650B+ Hardtail?

Or should I just bring a road bike or singlespeed MTB?

Thanks in advance, I’m very excited to join your rides later in the year



Wow, an embarrassment of riches! Given the November/December timeframe, I’d opt for the fat bike. Not necessarily because I would expect there to be snow, but it’s a rainy time of year and the trails are soft and it would be the least damaging.

Otherwise, take the roadie and work on the base miles…er…kilometres

Just my $ 0.02. Now everyone else will tell you why you need to bring the b+ bike. :grinning:


I say FS trail bike. Great all rounder. If the trails were wet from rain you shouldn’t be out on them anyway, those are gravel grinder or bike maintenance days.


Depending what the hardtail has for front suspension, id bring that. Lots of fun fast flowy jump lines and trails throughout the province. Lots of good downhill and freeride runs too. Depends what type of riding you do. I have a north shore style freeride hardtail with 150mm travel in the front, and 26x2.65" tires i run year round on almost every trail no problem


FS Trail bike.

November and December tend to be hero dirt and maybe some snow. We don’t get that much snow here compared to more inland parts of the country.

A nice helmet light and (maybe) ice tires are all you need.

January and February you will see snow so your fat bike might help with that. Many of us get by with just good ice tires though.


Personally I would pick ether the FS trail or the Fatty. The FS trail is probably a better pick but I personally have no problem ridding my Fatty on the trails around here and some times I prefer it. :stuck_out_tongue:


FS trail bike. We rarely get any significant snowfall that time of year. Just hero dirt and ice. Pick up a set of studded tires and you’re good to go.


So many options!

I suspect that the fatty will be out based on weight limits once it’s boxed up - I’ll get the scales out later.

The 650B+ Hardtail has 130mm forks up front, and does all the burly trails asked of it so far as it’s fairly slack. I’ve a pair of 29er wheels I could swap out?

The Trail Bike, is fun downhill - not so much fun on the flat mind

For your amusement… This is the most snow I’ve ridden in EVER


But I have ridden my fat bike in a DH race, and didn’t come close to last :slight_smile:



The granite here has some interesting drops and kickers to play on (in various sizes). Here is a example:

Different time of year but lots of shots of the granite.


You can always rent here​:grinning:. November and December mostly have cyclocross races going on. after that it’s all Fatbike :laughing: Fatbike addict here. :joy:

Anyways FS bike should serve you good on most trails and rides we do here.


I will say there is is equal amounts of climbing as there is descending so I would keep that in mind. If your not a fan of climbing with the FS then maybe you might have more fun on the hard tail or fatty.




I ride 12 months of the year on exactly the same bike. A 2015 Trek Fuel EX8. It is a 650b (27.5)

Trek Fuel

Pretty much stock, except I run a 27.5 x 2.35 Vittoria Goma in the back and spin a
1 x 10 drivetrain (34 / 11-42). Good all around bike for the trails here. Any limitation is the rider and not the bike. I am an experienced rider and ride most of the trails in the area… Like @rolls said, it is all hero dirt (frozen ground) at that time of the year and just about any bike will eat up the trail. Typically we don’t see much snow until January but ANYTHING can and has happened with our weather in November and December.

Having said that I am looking at a fat bike for the upcoming season. Certainly not a necessity but a darn good option to have methinks

Welcome to Nova Scotia and ECMTB. Both awesome places to be! Let us know when you arrive and we’ll show you around.



Unless the FS trail bike is a heavy pig, that would be my inclination… kind of the do it all option.


@m0rk coming from England you’re definition of FS trail bike might be different than ours. What bike is it?


Hi Rolls,

It’s an On-One Codeine 29er - 140mm/130mm


quite jumpy and capable on UK Black rated DH trails


Based on your comment that the FS is “not fun on the flats” but the hard tail has eaten up everything you’ve thrown at it, then I’d be tempted to go with the hard tail. Swap if you want the 29’s, but I’m happy riding 27.5’s on these trails.


Yep, that’s the bike to bring as far as I am concerned.

Get ready for lots of hills, rocks and roots, as well as a lot more snow then you are used to.


Nice On One! I lusted after a Pompino when living in London.

Also @Jetter is spot on. Especially about the snow. And the rocks. Also, roots.


Finally I’m getting closer to moving out there - just Service Canada to approve me now.

Sorted a house out, so I’ve celebrated with a new (to me) bike - 2015 Giant Anthem.

I’m hoping with a quick shaft swap that’ll be a 120mm up front, and I’ll have to see if you can still get the linkage extending kits.

Looks like the bikes won’t turn up until late December anyway, so the fat bike is prepped and ready (and my winter boots are easily found!)