What is the hardest trail in Nova Scotia?


I had this on my mind today. What’s everyone’s opinion?


Anything at Wrandees if you limit yourself to the original 1 metre width of singletrack.


Wrandees definitely popped in my mind. Also the beginning of Flat lake Loop before going up to Halifax Rock. I’m assuming flying in the air and being on a skinny 50’ in the air is not included.


The “Neil Route” through Wrandees. You can always count on it to destroy you even when you feel that you are at your strongest.



  1. Gords Gold then do Lake loop reverse.
  2. Ebirch
  3. Flipside reverse, death march and Suzie q
  4. Any NS Mtb Race against time.


Wrandees for tech, no doubt. Gord’s is challenging.

Evil Birch going in is tough, fitness wise if you push.


Define “hardest”?

for someone super fit, but with only mediocre bike handling skills, a really steep climb may not even phase them, but they will be challenged by a flat technical trail. others will fly over the tech, but find the steep climb very hard.


Both physically demanding and technically chalanging.


Through Hell and Back at Grey Mountain is a pretty tough trail. I think trying to find the toughest is obviously going to be very subjective.


Yeah, Hell and Back is probably the single hardest trail to clean without a full on heart attack, huge climbs that keep coming and a nasty awkward rock garden in the middle.


I guess I should have worded the question as “ what are some of the “hardest” trails in Nova Scotia”. It’s to specific as is. Thanks to everyone that has left a note. :+1: