What's it worth? (please be gentle)


Contemplating selling my 3rd bike as it hardly ever gets used now.

2010 Norco Fluid SE frame, medium
Mazocchi Z1 Sport fork, 20mm thru axle.
2x9 drivetrain, Shimano front, Sram X9 rear
Raceface Evolve DH cranks
DMR V12 pedals
1st gen Specialized Command dropper (Ritchey solid post also included)
Fairly new Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes, 180mm rotors
26" Mavic D321 rims/DMR hubs
2 half worn Maxxis Advantage tires, 2 brand new Schwalbe Hans Damf tires and 2 Schwalbe Black Shark home studded tires.

Everything is in good condition, with some scuffs and marks from regular use.

So what is it worth? I’m I crazy to ask $750 for it, or is that reasonable?


$750 seems reasonable to me considering the shape it is in.

The market will provide your answer though. (Provided you don’t start too low.)


I’d be interested in it if you’re selling it for $750


Yeah if i didnt just break my face and spent my tax return i’d buy this for $750. Id stick with kijiji tradition and offer you $100less than asking to start of course. But honestly sweet bike wish i didnt just spend my tax return im in the market for all mountain once im healed :slight_smile:


Too bad it would roll better with 27.5s :wink:


I have been helping a friend from work find a used bike which he eventually did. Every time a “good” deal came up he would hum and ha and the bike would sell. I would have told him that that $750 for this bike was reasonable, he would think about it too long and it would sell.


I have a buddy doing the same humming and ha’ing. They don’t realize how fast a good deal goes.


Sold! Thanks fellas!




I was going to say, if you’re having trouble selling it, just list it as having the new 27.5 minus wheels!


Works good so far :metal:t2:


Hi. Do you still have it for sale ?


Too good to last

Sold! Thanks fellas!’