Where should I get seals for my fox float ctd rear shock


I have a fox float ctd with a vorsprung corset and it loses air when I ride it. It holds air if It doesn’t get used.


I guess it depends on what part is leaking. Some of the seals should still be off the shelf Fox stuff, so your LBS should be able to order it, but some of the seals would be specific to the Corset. I’d fire an email off to Vorsprung and see what they have.


Steve at Vorsprung is exceptionally helpful. Email him and explain the situation and see what he says. Very few people understand suspension on his level.


Cyclesmith carries many seal kits in stock. Also S4 Suspension would have anything you need. Even weird Manitou seals I had to order for my partners bike.


Thanks Ill probably contact vorsprung.


The Corset uses the standard fox air can seal kit. Cyclesmith usually have a couple of the kits in stock.




I’ve got an unused air sleeve rebuild kit here if cyclesmith are out of them.


K thanks. I’ll probably stop in at Cyclesmith tommorow and see.