Whiterock Recreational Area


Who wants to go?


Whiterock is a great spot. Super trailbuilding. Viagra, Stout and Whitehead are sooo fun. Bring your climbing legs though.
It reminds me a lot of the Range trails in Bedford. Climb, descend, repeat. Obviously, Whiterock is a million times better and the payoff for the climbs is well worth it.


Lived in Moncton for 5.5 years. Whiterock, or Hillsborough is one of the best trail systems I’ve ridden.


Let me know if your going that way some time. Would love to hit the trails :smiley:


Love these trails! I’m definitely due to ride there again soon!


let’s go. just need a time and date.


Nb trip this year? Whiterock, minto, Fredericton, and sugarcoat?


@DVH, @westicle, and I will be hitting up some NB trails in August, roughly around August 10-16 timeframe, though likely hitting some NS trails along the trip too.