Whopper Nudity


So I just received this from a friend:

My best friend just had an upsetting experience at whopper today, around 1pm and I wanted to see if you’ve heard of anyone else experiencing something similar. She was coming from susie lake heading towards whopper, just past the signage you put up and bam, there was a naked man. sneakers and a hat, nothing else, clothes were no where in sight. needless to say she was panicked and ran as fast as she could. Have you heard of this before? She is contemplating reporting it but isn’t sure. She recognizes his face, but can’t place it. She feels like maybe she’s seen him on the trail, either running or biking. He could very well just be enjoying nature but it did freak her out, as it did me.

Anyone ever seen this guy before? She is going to call the police which I think is the right thing to do.


That’s disturbing.


lol I am surprised you have not encountered this before… More than once :stuck_out_tongue: That lake is very well known for frequent public displays of nudity. I mean Susie Lake, which is accessible via the Whopper.


There are a few swimming spots in the area that this is not entirely unusual. Not that I partake in the activity myself, red head and all, I have come across the “odd” sunworshipper. I could see it being a bit frightening for a woman alone to come across a sight like that.


I dont partake either, but from what I have heard, Susie is known to be a spot to skinny dip… Also during my university days I remember biking through (whats now known as) the Africville Trails and having a similar experience. It was a sunny afternoon late spring/early summer middle of the week type of ride, and there was buddy sunning himself against a rock with similar attire (or lack of).


A few years ago I came across a guy and his girlfriend nude sunbathing on the rock by the lake where we all stop. This was quite a bit further back, where you leave the main trail and start down the lake loop if you were coming from the BK entrance. There is a sign in a tree that says “Lake Loop”. It was there she saw him. She doesn’t know the history of the area and just sees a naked man in the woods She has no idea of his intentions and she is alone. I can understand how she would be spooked.


Maybe it’s his way of repelling ticks?


Was the guy just walking along? or was he making some sort of obvious threat to her other than the fact he had no clothes on?


@Slider don’t have a clue but I don’t think it matters


Home of the whoppa


I don’t like being around nude strangers.


So it’s cool if you know them, though? That could make for an interesting evening on the Fitz ride…


I saw a naked person on the edge of Suzies Lake when I was paddling the loop. They were adjacent to the South end of the Quarry, so near the canoe launch when we go in from the highway. People can do what they want. I don’t think it’s malicious, although on a trail where others are know to bike/hike seems more strange. Either do it in private or drunk at a MTB race. Geeze.


I’ve been unfortunate enough to witness this several times. I’ve even rode past people having sex in there! Guess in need a “bare” bell to warn them.


Not Whopper but :fearful:



The mosquitos must have had a field day with this guy.