Winter Edit Contest



Let’s have a fun competition to showcase winter riding in all its glory!

Contest Date: Dec 12th 2017 to Mar 1st 2018.

Must include snow or ice and some sort of bicycle. The video clip should show how awesome winter biking can be.

Submission must include content primarily created in the dates above.

Submit as many entries as you like.

Winner will be determined by a community poll posted on March 1st closing on the 6th for the Tuesday Ride. A community poll will allow the site admins to participate.

Some winter swag: a buff and an assortment of ECMTB stickers.

Suggest youtube video links to keep site data storage costs down.



I like it!! Looking forward to seeing some great local riding videos come from this!


Hey @IanMHFX … We where just talking about something like this haha.


Couldn’t resist the fresh powder today, had to get the tires in the snow (and off the ground!) on this lovely jump trail


There ya go, nice job @nova.


Here’s my first (of hopefully many) contributions, filmed today at the Sweet Ride Cycling annual Cookies & Egg Nog ride. Technically after the ride, I’m not sure if they endorse this. :wink: (Starring @Chris_Dwyer-perkins, filmography and editing by me.)


Some clips of riding in my yard after the first snow of 2017


Loved it!! Hahahaha


Snow day #2 back on the jump trail


I’m guessing some footage from “The Rock” would be allowed?


Absolutely! Open to everyone on this forum.


Christmas vacation has been a lot of fun. Here’s a few edits I put together from rides I had over the break.

Dec 22: Irishman’s Road

Dec 26: ECMTB Boxing Day Ride

Dec 26: Jump Session on new trail in development (tour provided by one of the trail builders)



Finally, we have snow and my winter riding buddy was more than ready to go.

Riding with Rusty


How do I give that more than one like?


Two weeks left to enter your winter riding vids. Whadaya got?


Frig all with this weather! :triumph:


Glad i got a couple in on the first snow haha


I managed one good day in Wrandees, here it is according to Quick.



SNOW! Get your cameras out and make some new winter edits! I’ll have my GoPro in Victoria Park today. :sunglasses: