WTB: BB For 24mm Spindle for PF 30, OR PF30 BB AND Crank to fit


Looking for an adapter Bottom Bracket to put a 24mm spindle crank in a PF30. Or a crank with a 30mm spindle and a PF30 BB. Building up a cheap commuter.

Thank you!



Might have an unused Raceface PF30-X-Type BB in my box of stuff at home. I can look tonight but leaving the country for a week and won’t be able to get it to you before I go. If you can wait it’s yours for free.

I’m pretty sure it’s one of these:



@gtrguy I would hate to see your basement. Is there ANY part you don’t have???



It’s truly scary! I think I have something like 18 bikes in the garage including the kid’s bikes. I have a problem.


I will take it! And I can wait. Thank you so much gtrguy.


Cool, will confirm tonight that it is the correct BB.


Sadly this one is a BB30 to X-type (Shimano) not PF30. Sorry!



Yes! That is exactly what I am looking for!


Wait! Shit…let me double check.


The whole PF30/BB30/BB386/BB92/etc. is pretty wacked. Give me a BSA BB over all that press fit stuff all day long. If this is the one you need, it’s all yours!

From what I can tell PF30 will have a BB shell with an internal diameter of 46mm, if it’s BB30 that I.D. will be 42mm.


Yup…46mm…PF30. Thank you anyway. I’ll keep looking.