WTB : Looking for a 26er fork - CLOSED


Just wondering what’s out there in the Maritimes for a fork for my Norco Wolverine, figured someone might have something kicking around. Dust off those old parts in the garage and post them up!


I have one wink wink ( Seriously the XCM32 air showed up in under 5 days)


Throwing it on this weekend?? If so let me know how it is. You know how I just beat the wolverine around so I don’t need anything wild


I have a marz drop off iv off a Norco Manik, has 150mm travel. The fork is currently dry and would need oil, but works beautifully. I took it in to get serviced, but noticed a small knick on the under side of the crown. Effects nothing functionally, but i like to jump heavily and do drops, so i decided to replace it to save the stress on the fork. If you don’t intend to do anything over 4ft jumps/drops it’d be great and cheap :wink:


Sounds like the perfect fork for me :thinking: What’s your price?!


Been posting off and on for 150 obo


Feel free to nake an offer though its just sitting in the shop


@Mattcasey303 is the wolverine 1 1/8 straight steerer or is it tapered?


Str8 dude, she’s old. Hahaha


I’m def interested man, just gotta get down your way haha


Where you located? I live in the valley now but my desire to ride bigger and new stuff takes me all over NS. If you are outta province tho we could surely still figure something out perhaps


I’m in Springhill! Could just throw it in the bay and float it across to me :joy:. What part of the valley are you in?


sounds good i live 5mins from the mouth of minas basin i will check tide times!


I have a Marzocchi EXR from 2004-ish. More of a lower-end XC fork than @Nova’s Drop Off.


Thanks for the offer Rockhopper! I met up with Nova yesterday and grabbed that drop off!