140/150mm bike rentals around HRM?

I feel like this has been asked before but i cant seem to find it in the search engine.

I am really considering buying a 140/150mm trail bike like a altitude or a hightower. After a couple years of riding long travel enduro and freeride bikes (which are a blast) I’ve started to wonder how much more i could enjoy other trail systems around the province if i wasnt on such a big bike. Something more playful and pedal friendly.

That being said before i go out and drop a nice chunk of change on a trail bike, im wondering if theres anywhere around here that rents them? Id reallllllly like to take one to wentworth but i see they only rent devinci marshalls and i know that wouldn’t be enough for the type of riding i do.

I reallllllllly miss my rocky mountain and to this day i haven’t ridden anything i liked as much as my old altitude even though it was too big for me. the new instinct looks like it would be right up my alley. My fingers are crossed that rocky does a demo day at wentworth again this year so i could throw a leg over one.


I don’t have a rental, but was in the same situation.

On a SB140 and can honestly say there hasnt been anything but positive gains and with room for fine tuning.



Cyclesmith have Fuel EX Gen 6 to rent according to their website. They are 150/140 travel.


Thank you! This is perfect.

I have almost no desire to go back to 170+ travel, 150 is such a sweet spot for the East Coast imo. Especially with fancy new geometry.


Im super excited to get on something with less travel. I miss riding places like victoria park and even whats left of whopper. I hate having to drive at least an hour and a half out of the city to have a good time on my mountain bike.


My last bike was a 160/170mm Commencal Meta. It rode ok for our terrain, but often felt like too much. My 130/150mm Druid is a banger of a bike for our terrain and beyond. I’ve ridden tons of black/double blacks in Quebec and a bunch in BC as well and it has never felt out-gunned. I think quality of rear wheel travel matters even more than the amount. I don’t mean how good it is, just how it actually works on the bike.


Have a pivot switchblade 160/142 and I think that’s been my favourite bike - ridden it here, Moab, and out west on old school tech and bike parks and had been awesome.

Just wish I had one for out here as it lives with me in Calgary when I’m working out there. May have to find another one for out here n+1

That middle travel seems to be a real sweet spot where it doesn’t feel like a tank and can go up and down really well.